Are you a strong believer in LIFE ENERGY?  At Evans Family Chiropractic, that's what drives us to raise awareness in the community to the concept of LIVING WHOLE.  Dr. Evans' goal is for every person to reach their tsunami life potential.  Through chiropractic, we seek to help you create a healthy life style, by increasing  your nervous system's vital mind-body connection.  Nature needs no help, just no interference. 

If you would like to increase your LIFE potential or productivity, stand up, pick up the phone, call Dr. Evans. Get information on how chiropractic can improve your quality of life.  If you believe good health is not something you work for, but that it is a part of your everyday right, this is the place for you.  Live everyday to the fullest and make WHOLENESS the foundation of your life.

In order to give you the most personalized service I have specifically designed your sanctuary as a one person office.  My commitment is to serve you with no middle man. When you call me you get me or you leave a message and I call you back.  How is that for "at your service?"


Let's Be Clear!

Over the course of our lives, each of us has developed our own unique definitions of commonly used terms based upon our own association and experiences.  It is important that we all speak a similar language if we are to be successful in our quest for wholeness.  In this light, we offer you our own explanation of these words, and introduce a few new ones to you as well.

Life Energy - The Intelligent and Organizing Energy that is present in living things, absent in nonliving things.

Health (Ease) - Normal function and the ability to successfully ADAPT to the average stresses of your daily life.  It is the natural result of the adequate expression of your life Energy in your body.  Very simply, health is balance, harmony and EASE.

Dis-ease - Any LOSS of your natural state of balance, harmony and EASE as the result of an inadequate expression of your Life Energy in your body.

Subluxation - A state of decreased expression of your Life Energy in your body.  This most commonly occurs due to spinal misalignment or dysfunction, as it causes partial loss in the neurological CONNECTION between your brain and body.  The result of being subluxated is dis-ease - a progressive loss of your naturally healthy, harmonious and dynamic state of Ease.

Normal - Any change your body undergoes in order to restore or maintain your natural state of EASE.

Wellness - The ability to successfully adapt to greater than average stresses and actually INTEGRATE some stresses so that you continually grow stronger and move consistently toward wholeness.  Wellness is also an attitude of gratitude, positive expectation and trust.  Wellness results from expressing your Life Energy at high enough levels to do more than just "get through" the day; wellness allows you to actually GIVE TO the day!

Wholeness - Complete integration of mind, body and Spirit so that you are lovingly expressing your purpose and full potential in every area of your life.  It is the result of FULLY expressing your Life Energy in your body.

Healing Process - Any movement toward wholeness, regardless of where you are to any given moment.  Healing occurs as you progressively increase the expression of your Life Energy in your body.  it is a PROCESS that requires time and your active participation.

Chiropractic Adjustment - A gentle and specific impulse given with the intention of restoring spinal alignment and function to re-establish the neurological CONNECTION between you and your body.  This restores the normal flow of your Life Energy in your body and allows you to resume healing.  We call this state of complete connection being CLEAR.  Our goal for you is not only to get clear, but also to consistently LIVE clear!

Chiropractic - The philosophy, science and art of restoring and maintaining the neurological connections within your body in order to maximize your expression of health and life.  


 Dr. Julian L. Evans


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 Healthy choices today ensure a healthy life tomorrow!